Africa and Open Source

The other day i read on the news that the Ghanaian government intended to cough up money to pay for some MS windows licenses in its drive to computerize its MDAs(ministries,departments and agencies).This decision,which was denied by the Deputy Information Minister,is in itself not bad.What however,irks me is the fact that at a time when the global economy in a crisis and governments all over the world are cutting down costs,i find it difficult to understand why our government should be running to that behemoth called Microsoft.
MS is not the only OS vendor around in case our government is dumb enough not to know.There are others.And the others i am inetersted in are the free ones.There are dozens of free linux distros out there that get the job done at the barest minimum cost.I would like to urge the government to look to those instead of looking for money to waste on a system that will only end up costing more to use.
If it OS the government wants,it can use the most popular linux distro around found here its office productivity it wants,well there is open office found here
Whatever the government wants from MS has a free and open source equivalent which will be of benefit to all of us taxpayers.
So please Professor Mills,live up to your mantra of cost cutting and simply go Open Source.It will be of good to us all.
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