Before you think anything else,my heading is simply a curiosity i have as to how enthusiastic women are about open source software in general and Ubuntu linux in particular.I just wonder if ladies are also as passionate about open source as we guys are.

I know there are quite a number that use open source,but are they as passionate as we guys are?I am also wondering how the Open Source movement can benefit from the active involvement of women.

This is just a curiosity that has been nagging my mind for some time now because in my part of the world,open source,even among guys who are into IT,is something new and is not very common to come across street talk centering around open source.

Is open source only for guys?Why do you think ladies are not as enthused about open source as guys do?Do your know of ladies who use solely open source software?Are you a lady who is as passionate about open source as a guy can be,please get in touch and share your opinion.

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