The government of Ghana, together with other third world governments all over the world have signed on to the One Laptop per Child project. There is no doubt that the project in itself is a laudable one. To make the effort of making ICT available to children in the third world is a very noble cause. However, I believe it is very important for us as a nation here in Ghana to get and set our priorities straight.Some few months ago, there was a scandal involving the payment of some huge sums of money by the government for the OLPC project. In an age where the whole world is moving at a pace that is unprecedented in the history of mankind, here in Ghana, you get school children who have to KNEEL under TREES to take lessons. That in my opinion is very much unacceptable and i believe against the fundamental rights of those innocent children.So my piece of advice to the government is that instead of committing resources to the OLPC project, it should rather focus on making sure every school going child in this country sits under a roof and on a desk. Give the children the chance to take lessons even when it rains since a lot of the children in rural Ghana have to close lessons as soon as it begins to rain because they are sitting under trees. Give the children the basic necessity before giving them laptops. In any case, what will be the use of a laptop to a child who sits under a tree to study and has no electricity in his or her town.In short, i say to the government, please, first things first. Share your thoughts.

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