Easily deploy Ubuntu on Windows systems easily.

If you are a system administrator, have heard of Ubuntu as being a powerful free alternative to Windows and want to give it a try, then do so with these simple tools without affecting your current Windows installation.
This application makes it easy to run both Ubuntu and Windows on the same computer while sharing the same desktop. It runs on Windows Xp, Vista and 7. Ubuntu runs as a native Windows application and gives you the ability to cross edit documents in both OSs. You enjoy incredible speeds and flexibility. You would not need to alter your existing partition to get Portable Ubuntu to work. Try it out.
Ubuntu can run on Windows without the need for visualization through andLinux. It allows you to run a full featured install of Ubuntu Linux alongside Windows giving you native speeds without the need for any visualization.
This is a Windows application that automatically creates a bootable Ubuntu  usb drive.You can also run Ubuntu and Windows simultaneously without the need for any installation on your PC. Try it out.
Wubi is an officially supported Windows Ubuntu installer. It gives the option of booting into either Ubuntu or Windows on start up. Try it. 
Let me know what you think of the above tools for making Ubuntu isntalltion on Windows as easy as it can get.

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