Linux Migration Support – The Missing Strategy.

It is very disheartening when you cannot get most corporate organizations to make the migration to Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular due to a lack of formal support in the field of corporate migration to Linux. I strongly believe that part of the strategy to get Linux to the mainstream users should have to do with some form of formal support that is made easily available and accessible to organizations that are considering making the switch to Linux.
 I know there are pockets of such migration support services, but I really believe it should be made more widespread and easily accessible. Most organizations are simply put off of migrating to Ubuntu and Linux due to the cost of switching. But if those companies that are behind the various Linux distro projects can aggressively develop services that make the switching and deployment of Linux as easy and cost effective as possible, then we can be rest assured that more companies that have put on hold their intention to make the move to Linux will do so sooner than later.
It is in this regard that I was very glad to read on Workswithu about Canonical‘s imminent announcement of an Ubuntu migration support service for those who want to deploy the world’s most popular Linux distro. The more of those services we have, the more we are likely to see more commercial deployment of  Linux.
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