My migration to Ubuntu

It was on the 22nd of February that i got back home from the office,turned on my Acer laptop, and horror: bsod.For those of you who are wondering what the blue screen of death is,it is when almighty Microsoft Windows decides to take a break and gives you a blue screen instead.
Imagine getting home form work, very stressed up, and turning on your pc to while away the time and all you get is…..well nothing!That was when i realized how hopeless the OS called Windows is.
I started using computers in late 1999 when they were seen here as some myeterious little boxes that can make the world go round.You know in Ghana, which is a tiny country in West Africa, technology is lagging far behind.SO when i started using computers, i tended to believe MS Windows was synonymous with computer.
It was what i was taught in school, what i paid money to learn, and what i have know since.But i have a natural compulsion to know and do things differently.So one day i was just whiling away my time on the net when i remembered having the the term “open source”. SO i just found my way to my beloved big G and googled the term with OS at the end. And wham.
The first result was something called Ubuntu and honestly speaking, i was caught by the name. I clicked on it and was taken to the Ubuntu homepage where i navigated through the site. I then requested for a free cd through Canonical’s shipit service. My cd took about 4 weeks to arrive. I just tried it and put away.
So on that fateful night when i got the MS bsod,i quickly dug out for my Hardy Heron Ubuntu cd and booted, wiped out my monstrous WinXP and installed Ubuntu linux.Though i lost some data, and the learning curve was very steep, i am now a happy Ubuntu Jaunty user.I no longer have to worry about worms, trojans, viruses and malware.
My advice to all those who are having a hell of a time with MS Windows;the most resource hog operating system in the world is to try Ubuntu found here and u would be glad u did.
Have an Operating System esperience, please share it.

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