My PClinuxOS experience

Yesterday evening i burned my downloaded iso image of PClinuxOS 2009 to cd and gave it a try.Here is my take on it.
As an avid Ubuntu fan,i just wanted to try other distros to get a feel of how things are on the other side or the river.Well,i would say on a scale of 1-10,i would give pclinux 5.And these are my reasons.
I chose to boot into the livecd with KDE desktop.It was eye candy i would admit.It looks very much polished and eye candy than Kubuntu(Ubuntu with K desktop).But thats all about it that is good.The installation process leaves much to be deisired.The partitioner failed to see my ubuntu partition.The chance to create my own partition was so limited that i just chose to to wipe out my ubuntu install to make things simple.
The installation also took quite too long to complete compared to ubuntu’s.And boot up and shut down times too are very long.Unlike ubuntu that comes with a complete office suit thanks to,Pclinux just comes with the weird looking Abiword and no more.Though its nice to look at,i would still recommend ubuntu to anyone who wants to try out linux.
PClinuxOS can also make a mark,but it has a long way to go to catch up to other distros.
Have a different experience? Share it.

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  1. i just successfully installed pclinuxos 09 onto a blank hard drive and i am impressed so far (a whole month) and it has not yet given me attitude like windows has been doing lately,this os fits me very well but i also heard of some good things about ubuntu but my thing is that i never got to try ubuntu, when i made my live cd i put it in the machine booted it up, chose to install it and it stopped in the middle of everything, after it loads the kernel and all the lettering comes up and it has [ ok ] at the end of every phrase on the right side of the screen and after all of that was finished my monitor clicked (thats normal) and the screen went black and stayed there til i finally got impatient and turned the thing off so i never got the chance to test drive ubuntu for myself but at the moment pcliuxos has been a really great os to switch to (nothing is missing, i am happy with it.

  2. Well i just think your experience with ubuntu was rather the exception to the norm.I did not have any such experiences with my ubuntu install.It all went so well and all my hardware worked out of the box.But with PClinuxOS,i had to tweak my bluetooth and also i cant seem to get my phone to connect me to the internet.This was not so when i used ubuntu.

  3. PCLinux OS is a good distro but with a different target audience in mind. Whiles Ubuntu and Mint may be targeted to the mainstream windows/mac migrants, it provides a streamlined OS for specialized tasks.
    For example I tried installing MthtvOS, a Myth TV variant based on PCLinux OS, it was very excellent.
    I think you should try Zenwalk, totally kicks ass.

  4. Hello,
    I installed Sun's Virtual Box in which I tried PClinusOS 9 and Ubuntu 9.1 and Gnome as well.My desktop system is quite quick with a decent video card and I am enjoying the different OS' features so far.
    In my IBM T30 desktop.P4 mobile 2Ghz 1gb ram and an awkward ATI mobility 7500 16 mb video.I installed Ubuntu 9.1 and really do like it,it supports 2 of my cheap bluetooth adapters in which I use a bluetooth mouse and transfer files from my Dell Axim x51v.The only drawback that I have encountered is the lack of graphics in the Ubuntu,I can only run it on the basic graphics setting,otherwise I get erratic freeze ups and fragmented windows.
    Since I'm new to Linux and all I know is self taught through forums,articles and the like.I can not really give much of a fair evaluation to any of these fine pieces of work which I'm sure involved countless of hours of truly inventive thinking.
    I do however thank everyone who have left the main paths of software development and ventured into the unknown therefore giving us another choice to try something new.

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