My take on Obama in Ghana

Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th of July will forever remain on the minds of many of my compatriots. You may ask was was so special about those days. Well,the supposed most powerful man on earth visited Ghana. It was a very nice experience in that it made us know clearly those of our so called Ministers of State who suffer from a disease called inferiority complex.
Though i have nothing personal against the US president, i was just not as enthused as most of my folks were. Why? i hear u ask. Ok heres why. His visit was yet another opportunity for useless talk and noise making, and this time on an epic scale.
You see i laugh my heart out when people, in their attempt to prove that they are so smart, end up displaying their ignorance. The coming to Ghana of Obama was well touted, no doubt. But was his coming to Ghana anything of interest to the life of the roadside Ghanaian? I don’t think so.
10000 Police officers were deployed to cover his visit,roads were blocked,all TV stations were singing Obama. Then i ask myself, whats so special about his visit? And i got an inspired answer : nothing. He will absolutely be of no benefit to me and my old parents and young siblings.
Last year the monster called George W. Bush was here, gave us $17m to battle it out with mosquitoes. This year there are more mosquitoes in town than ever before. Where did that money go? Hm.Maybe to kill Akrantie (grass cutter) instead.
Billions upon billions of dollars in the form of aid have come onto this God forsaken continent. Yet people still have to struggle hard, and i mean hard, to get one meal a day.And what do we see?We have stupid, useless crooks who brand themselves as politicians and milk the people to the worst of their ability.Politics in Africa is a big business.Infact bigger than Exxon Mobil and the rest.
So you see,i dont think any of the sweet words uttered by Obama at the Accra International Conference Center to the useless and resource hog parliament of Nkrumah’s God forsaken Ghana will not make any difference. This is simply because the very people he was directing his speech to are not humans.They are wolves,lions,tigers and leeches in the form of men and women with human names.Simple as that.
To me, Obama’s visit to Ghana was another waste of his time and that of his nice looking secret service agents, a waste of TV air time,a waste of security personnel and a big waste of the international medias time.Time that could have been used to cover better stories from other parts of the world.
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