Dear Sir, it is with great sorrow and agony that I put these words of mine on paper to you. There is no doubt about the bravery of you and your warriors. Your country was invaded– in the 21st century- by another country that claims to be the beacon of law and democracy on earth, the reason for the invasion being a subject in its own right. You have every right to defend your country from marauders and stooges. On that score, I agree with you and you have my fervent prayers. However, your legitimate fight against the invading forces should not blind you towards your responsibilities to your very own country men and women. On countless occasions, your own compatriots have leveled allegations of monstrous proportions against your forces. You have been accused of using some entire villages as human shield against the mighty missiles of the invader. This is an unacceptable behavior on your part since the very creed in which you believe in makes it absolutely clear in its rules of engagement that unarmed men, old aged people, the young and women especially, be protected as much as possible from any collateral damage during a conflict. It has also been reported that any time you enter a village or town, you impose your own interpretation of Sharia, which I vehemently disagree with you on. You see, if it is Islam you aim to establish in Afghanistan, then I honestly believe you do more harm than good to your cause when you go about amputating, beheading, mercilessly beating women for stepping out of their houses, destroying people’s stores for selling music among a host of basic, fundamental human rights abuses that the very Islam you want to establish speaks against. To put it in simple terms, your very treatment of your own people has actually given Islam a bad image on an epic scale that all the propaganda machinery of the so called enemies of Islam can only dream of. You also use the abhorring tactic of suicide bombing, which needless to say, is in direct contravention of the very Islam you seek to establish. The list of allegations against you and your group can easily fill an accounting text book. But that is also why I write you this letter, to tell you my view of what a Jihad is meant to look like in my limited knowledge of Islam. First, I believe you know that the Laws of Islam cannot be altered or modified by anyone, including the rules of engagement. Islam’s laws were codified 1431 years ago and will remain so till eternity. So next time you engage the invading forces, please make sure that you protect non-combatants and women especially from all collateral damage. Neither should you use them as human shield. It is very despicable of you to do that. Also, the imposition and enforcement of Sharia Law is the sole duty of an established Islamic state, none of which is on the Earth today. You have not yet established your Islamic utopia. You are only a a guerrilla force, and so to shove your “radical” interpretation of Sharia on people just because you have the guns and you believe you have been anointed to be their leader is a gross violation of their fundamental human rights to choice of living. Islam was spread by someone through a methodology, over a period of 22 years after which it had become a force to be reckoned with. If you want to establish Islam, then you have to necessarily follow the methodology of the founder and first leader. The very first step is not to force laws down the throat of people but rather to purify them from inside out. That was how the founder of Islam went about his duty. He purified his people through the Revelation he received, educated them, showed them respect, protected them and loved them dearly. I can’t say you have done even one of these and yet you want Islam to be the order of the day in your country. Your indiscriminate beheading of your fellow compatriots and Muslim brothers is, to say the least, very shameful both to you and to the Islam you want to establish. You don’t have the right to condemn someone to death in your sham “Islamic courts”, that is also the duty of an established Islamic State. Afghanistan is not an Islamic State because there is no Islamic government in place. So please don’t just go about beheading people, chopping of arms and limbs. It is simply wrong. Now to my final point, women are not second class citizens in the Islam that was brought by Mohammad. They are the very helpers and mates of men. Your treatment of women is so appalling. You treat them as if they are robots who can’t think on their own. If no one told you, women are very intelligent and capable as men. There are instances in the history of Islam that women taught the companions Islam, the famous of which is the incident of Umar and the issue of bride money. Instead of spending so much energy on keeping the women inside, I suggest you channel that energy into helping them establish small scale businesses to cater for their children since the men are too busy fighting off the invaders. Help them earn a sustenance, educate them, show them respect, stop beating them in public when their burqa falls off , and above all, know that they were created to be helpers of men and not their slaves. This is just an observation I have made about your cause in Afghanistan and just want to share them with you. May you have the heart to change and follow strictly the Islamic rules of engagement with regards to your own compatriots. I whish you all the best in your struggles. Yours truly, A concerned citizen of Earth.

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