I have been using Ubuntu and open source software for some time and have discovered some few killer tricks to optimizing an Ubuntu system for speed and efficiency. This list is aimed at Ubuntu newbies and geeks alike.

1) Disable unessential services.
Services like Bluetooth may be running even if you don’t have the hardware installed.Go to Services window from the System>Administration menu. Be careful not to disable services you may rely on.

2)Monitor the CPU usage
Kill processes that are not essential but using up lots of resources. Go to System> Administration> System Monitor.

3)Trim the menu.
Lots of installed applications may make the Menu a bit “fat”. Trim it by right-clicking the Menu and deselecting Applications that you don’t use.

4)Add more work spaces.
If you use lots of applications and have your desktop cluttered, you may consider adding more work spaces to your desktop. Just right-click on the workspace area to see the Preferences window.

5)Move windows to work spaces.
You can press and hold Ctrl+ALT+

cursor left or right key to switch to a new work space.

If you hold down the Shift key, the active window will move to the new work space too.

6)Choose to remember running sessions when shutting down.
You can choose to let your system remember your last working session when you shut down to quickly launch into your working environment next time you power up. Just switch to Sessions Option and select “Automatically Remember.”

7)Add frequently used applications to the panel.
Add applications that you frequently use to the top panel for easy access.Just click the Menu and highlight which category you want then just drag the application you want to the panel.

8)Try XFCE
Gnome is nice and powerful but a bit cumbersome compared to XFCE, the default Xubuntu desktop. Search for the “Xubuntu-desktop” meta package in Synaptic.

Try these tips to optimize your sweet Ubuntu system and stay tuned for more. Please feel free to share your comment.

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