I love my mother. That is not just another cliche. Hardly a day goes by without me thinking of how much I love her so much. Seeing how she never hesitated for once to part away with her very last savings just to see me through my education, I really don’t for once believe that I can love her back as much as she did me.
There are millions of women all over the world who are just like my mother, women whose efforts day in and out makes the lives of so many people a worth while one. Women who sacrifice all they have just to make the lives of their children and family a comfortable and bright one.
I doubt if I can get the right words to describe the kind of effort that women put into making this world of ours keep going. There is no doubt, that every single person on earth has benefited from the efforts of some woman before.Women to me, play a multi task role in life. They are our mothers, wives, sisters and very good friends.
Yet, it looks to me as if all the efforts that these great and wonderful creations of God Almighty put into the lives of all of us, is yet to be appreciated. Go to many parts of the world, and the kind of evil, cruel and senseless brutality that is meted out to these gems is unthinkable. In many parts of Africa for instance, the stupid, nonsensical tradition of female “circumsition” is still very widespread. Why subject women to such an ordeal all in the name of some stupid cultural belief?

That is not all the woes that lots of innocent women bear, there is the innumerable cases of women having to always be the bread winners of families after their irresponsible husbands have absconded or shirked their duties of being bread winners of the fammily. Walk to any market in Ghana, for instance, and you will be sad to see the ardous tasks and struggles that women go through to make ends meet. You find them sitting on the scorchy sun, yelling their hearts out to call at customers, some carrying very heavy loads on their heads which has been converted into mobile stores among others.

Then there is the most abhorring, pure stupid and senseless brutality of domestic violence and violence against women in general. I still can’t understand why anybody will ever lay hands on such great and magnificent gems. I really wish there were very harsh laws than we have right now to deal with this menace. Ah, I believe most men have the strength to only hit women. They such cowards that they just can’t stand up to their problems and the only way out for them is violence. To such men, I say the the strength of a man is not measured by his ability to hit a woman but rather by his magnanimity and patience with a woman in times of misunderstandings.
I ask myself this question, and perhaps you can help me with an answer, why are women subjected to so much brutality and ill treatment from men? I just can’t fathom the answer and I hope you have an idea that you will share with me. I have  written this post in the hope to starting a debate amongst young men like myself and women to just delibrate over this issue of women and how they are treated.
Perhaps what most people who do not respect or regard women as much as they ought to be regarded and respected is that they have not imagined for once what life on earth would be like without women. They are a very vital part of life and it is time that all of “menkind” begins to cherish these wonderful and magnificent beings whose efforts touches the lives of every single one of us.
I do not agree with the belief that just a day be set aside to mark  “mother’s day” or “women’s day”. I belive every single day must be mother’s day and women’s day. We must shower all the love, compassion and care we can muster on our women every single day that we are blessed to live with them. They are very much priceless gems that we have to start appreciating and adoring. To all women, I say “ayekoo” and thank you very much for your unrelenting effort to make the world comfortable for all those in your lives. I love you all.

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