Behold! The new Nokia N900 out in October

Nokia, the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world has released the new Nokia N900 Unlocked Cell Phone/Mobile Computer with 3.5-Inch Touch Screen, QWERTY, 5 MP Camera, Maemo Browser, 32 GB–U.S. Version with Full Warranty. I first heard of the Nokia internet tablet rumor since January and now it is a reality. The new model is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Some of the features of this model include
Its powerful 600 MHz processor and up to 1GB of application memory. The superscalar ARM processor delivers exceptional power and enables you to run all your applications quickly, smoothly, and simultaneously.
It also spots a 32GB internal storage expandable up to 48GB with external microSD.
It also has 3.5G and WLAN connectivity
Quadband GSM with GPRS and EDGE
Data transfers over a cellular network 10/2Mbps
Data transfers over Wi-Fi is 54Mbps
It also has Mozilla-based Maemo browser with Flash 9.4 support and full screen browsing.
There is a 5MP Carl Zeiss camera
3.5-inch 800×480 pixel (touch screen), sliding QWERTY keyboard
FM transmitter, TV-out, Bluetooth 2.1 and more
The features of this next generation phone are impressive. It will be on display at Nokia world next week before heading to to the market to set you back for a cool 500 euro price.

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