Install Pidgin 2.6.1 in 2 steps for newbie Ubuntu users.

The developers of Pidgin, the instant messenger that comes as the default in Ubuntu have just released a new version which has support for voice and video chat (currently only on XMPP). It also now has theme support in libpurple. There is also support for receiving handwritten (ink) messages and audio clips on MSN. A detail of the new features can be found here. 
To install this new release of Pidgin on your current Ubuntu system, just follow these two simple steps. You would have to uninstall the version you have on your system ( assuming you have one installed and is not 2.6.1) before proceeding with the steps below.
Step 1
Download the .deb file here 
Step 2
Install the .deb file you downloaded in step 1 with this simple command (just copy and paste in the terminal)
sudo dpkg -i packagename
Package name refers to the name of the package you downloaded in the first step. If your default download location is not your home folder, copy the .deb file to it before running the above command. That’s it! 
You now have the latest release of the popular, free and open source chat client on your Ubuntu system. You can also follow these simple steps here to install the latest release of VLC 1 ( Goldeneye) on Ubuntu. Enjoy chatting with your friends.

Please try to spare some few dollars to help with the further development of this wonderful application.

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