Microsoft fears Canonical and Ubuntu.

In its recent SEC filings, Microsoft, the Redmond software behemoth whose Windows OS has ruled the desktop market for so long, acknowledged the fierce competition it faces from Canonical, the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu project. This is a very interesting confession on the part of MS.
For a long time, Microsoft had pretended that the only viable competitor it faced was Apple which needless to say was a very wrong notion, brushing Canonical aside like a fly. The  Ubuntu project has come a long way from its initial humble beginnings. Today, it is the most widely used desktop Linux distro in the world. Most people that use Microsoft  Windows are mostly surprised when they try Ubuntu for the first time.
The only thing that made Microsoft and its Windows OS dominate the market for so long was just a perception that MS had successfully created at the back of the minds of people. You had a whole generation of people grow up thinking that Windows is synonymous with computer and that knowing Windows made you a guru. There are those who do not even know of the existence of any other OS.
It is this perception that Canonical under the march of its commander in chief and “benevolent dictator for life” has managed to break to a large extent. And in acknowledging that Canonical has successfully cleared the dust off people’s eyes, Microsoft of all companies has admitted to the whole world that it is afraid of Canonical and Ubuntu.
In order to help Ubuntu march on to victory in this fierce battle of OS, I entreat all my wonderful readers to download a copy of this great OS here,
install it or at least run the live CD and tell as many of your friends as possible about the imminent rise of Ubuntu as a 100% alternative to Windows. Go and experience freedom. Use Ubuntu and see Microsoft weep.

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  1. This might be so. But I don't belive Microsoft is actually scared of Linux. I believe it is a smoke screen.
    Many have labled Microsoft as anti-competitve, Big Monster, evil, etc. All because of its stronghold in the market.
    Microsoft still hold over 80% of the OS market alone. THe rest shared with the hundreds of other Os's out there.
    I belive this is Microsoft just trying to say, "See there is competition and were not trying to monopolise the market, because we are under threat by our competitors."

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