Microsot Windows – A disguised time bomb.

“On this otherwise happy Thursday morning, Twitter is the target of a denial of service attack. Attacks such as this are malicious efforts orchestrated to disrupt and make unavailable services such as online banks, credit card payment gateways, and in this case, Twitter for intended customers or users. We are defending against this attack now and will continue to update our status blog as we continue to defend and later investigate.”
This is the message that I and millions of people from all over the world  received several times last week when we  wanted to log into our Twitter account. Twitter was attacked by some unknown persons for whatever reason I do not want to know. But in as much as  I detested the attack itself, it brought to light how vulnerable all of us are using the internet.
Distributed Denial of Service in simple terms takes place when some people with more mushrooms than brains flood a server with so much requests such that they tend to confuse it. This results in a slack in the performace of the server. This is what happened to our beloved Twitter. And this attack was massively successful thanks to Microsoft Windows.
The attackers used Windows machines to carry out this blatant and useless attack. The attack I dare to say would never have been so successful if the computers that were targeted were running  a real OS like Ubuntu Linux instead of running a time bomb.
The attack on Twitter and to a lesser extent on Facebook brings to light the vulnerability of the OS system that is so dominant on the market. It is safe to say that anyone using Microsoft Windows is actually running a time bomb on their machine. It is only a matter of time before you are hijacked and your machine dances to the tune of someone probably sitting in his basement.
It is needless to say that MS Windows is the most unsafe piece of software out there that if is not relegated to the back seat will one day cause more harm than a nuclear bomb can. Windows is simply an unsafe OS. It is too full of holes for exploitation. Its code is closed with only a couple hundreds of programmers having acces to it. It only takes a Windows user to click the wrong link and you are infected because the OS system upon installation gives you full administrative rights. This is simply not acceptable. Windows must be held responsible for the attack on Twitter and Facebook last week.
Microsoft has covered up for so long the kind of OS Windows is, but now I believe there is slowly a move away to better more safe OS out there. It is up to those that have the voice and reach to make it clear to people that Windows is not the best thing that happened to computers. In fact, if anything, Windows is the worst threat to our online lives and ways.
Millions of people depend on the internet for thier living. How do they feel knowing that thier very lives are at the mercy of an OS system that can be hijacked by a thirteen year old with the right skills and bring the entire online world to a stand still? No one should be deceived by the up coming Windows 7. It is not going to be any different in terms of security. If anything, it is going to increase the available targets for hackers.
It is about time people get educated about better, safe, reliable, powerful and free alternatives to Windows. Why pay so much money in an economic recession for a system that makes you vulnerable to anyone that has an inkling to do evil on the net? Why pay for an OS that cannot defend itself from viruses, malware and other unwanted security wares? Windows is a fat, lazy over pampered and lousy OS that is simply a time bomb and its just a matter of time that it brings the whole virtual world to its kneees.
Do not pay money for any licence. Head here and get yourself a free copy of the worlds most popular free alternative to Microsoft Windows. It has everything you would want in an OS and does not make you vulnerable to any attacker like Windows does. It is safe and reliable. If 20% of computers all over the world were running Ubuntu Linux, there would not have been a Twitter and Facebook blackout last week.
The media must also join hands to educate the masses about other alternatives to Windows before its too late. Windows is a time bomb and the earlier a preemptive action is taken against it the better.

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