– Five things MS Office users do not know.

Open Office is one of the most powerful products that the Free Software community has produced to date and is the default office suite on most Linux distros. It is a free, open source, powerful, cross platform and full fledged office productivity suite. If you are still dragging your feet about using this great saviour from the resource hog MS Office, then read on to see what you are missing.
One of the greatest things about is that is absolutely free. It is released under the LGPL license and thus is free from any licensing hassles whatsoever. You do  not have to pay out your hard earned income to use this software. You can install it on as many computers as you want and make as many copies of it as you like, it is up to you. All you have to do is just dowload it and install. Thats it. It runs on all popular platforms out there too. What more can you possibly want?
Extensions  can be customized extensively with the vast array of extensions available to you also for free. From simple calender extensions to very complex spreadsheet extensions, there is always an add on for your needs and it is always a few clicks away.
High Quality Office Suite. is developed by a worldwide community of people like you and I. You can contribute to the development of this great application in so many ways the easiest of which is to donate some few dollars to help cover the cost of development. Having thousands of people develop the application has resulted in a very high quality product due to the fact that lots of people get to see the code,  make corrections and give valuable inputs, with more people testing it and giving feedback resulting in a very stable, reliable, high quality world class product. There is no secret in the development of
Frequent updates and releases has a track record of making updates available as quickly as possible to correct any discovered bugs. This ensures that you always have a bug free office suite to work with. You should not waste your valuable time trying to cope with a bug instead of working. Also, there is a frequent release cycle of ensuring that you always have the latest office producutivity suite.
There is always some form of suport available to you, whether you are thinking of using in your home, school or deploy it in your enterprise setting. There is free community support and commercial support availble. There is also professional training available should you need it. There is also a vast array of books available one of the very best being  Getting Started With Open Office .Org 3.0: Openoffice.Org V3.0, a very good book for those who are thinking of starting out with OO.og.
There are more reasons why you must switch to this great application, but I will  restrict today’s post to these 5 basic ones and leave the rest to those of you who are already using to add to in the comments. You no longer have a reason not to try Open Office again. Go ahead and be free. Use Open Office. Talkback!

Getting Started With Open Office .Org 3.0: Openoffice.Org V3.0

5 Replies to “ – Five things MS Office users do not know.”

  1. As a linux user for the last 6 years I can without doubt also add the following fact most pro-open-office blogs omit to mention: Compared to MS Office, open office still has (after all these years) a CRAPPY interface.

  2. My biggest grip with (compared to MS Office) is Impress. COmpared to PowerPoint it is slow, blocky, very painful to work with. Powerpoint feels almost light on its feet. Considering the remarkable quality of Writer and Calc (way much better than Word and Excel) I can only hope that will give some love to Impress too.

  3. It's not only the userface that is crap. Is the whole thing. OpenOffice is built on a half-assed office suite from 90s called StarOffice. Simple things like advanced page numbering is nearly impossible to do, there's number of weird bugs that you have to work around, and there's nothing in it that makes it better than MS Office in any way. It's a cheap replacement of MS Office, and it works OK (as a Linux user I use it daily), but it has a long way to go.

    Articles like this is just fanboyism, office suites is free software's weakest point, and the main obstacle to wider free software adoption.

  4. @anonymous no3 I hope you have filed a bug report for those weird bugs you talked about. Oo is great today because of its very "half assed" roots given that it is @ par with the multi million dollar ms office. It does for me everything i used to pay ms office for, besides i dont agree that office suites is foss weakest point. Mind you the "crappy" oo does not infringe on others' copyrighted material like the eye candy ms office does.

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