Ubuntu Linux is not Windows.

On several occasions I have observed on lots of Linux forums, complaints from new users of the formidable Ubuntu Linux distro that they are not able to run this or that program or application that they used in Windows. You sometimes get to see threads where people are asking how to install a .exe file they downloaded off the Internet!
Most people that try Ubuntu Linux or any variant of Linux for that matter, do so because they have heard its an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Yes its an alternative to Windows. But thats all there is to say about that. Linux is a completely different OS that has its own way of doing things.
It must be made clear to anyone that intends on trying Ubuntu Linux that it is not the same as Windows, things are done differently, applications have a different way of performing functions, ways of installing applications are different and a host of other very striking differences between the two OSs.
 Ubuntu Linux is not Windows. Ubuntu is a free OS that is developed by a worldwide community of software programmers and users. Windows is developed solely by Microsoft, the software behemoth located in Redmond in the US. Ubuntu was founded on philosophies that aim at empowering the end user of the OS giving you the freedom and flexibility to use the OS rather than be used by the OS as is the case with Windows.
Any Windows user that is interested intrying out Ubuntu Linux should get the LiveCD from which they can test and see the differences between the Ubuntu Linux and Windows. That way, the learning curve the is mostly encountered with switching to Ubuntu Linux will be reduced to the barest minimum.

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