Ubuntu migration support services – A move long overdue.

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how the lack of easily accessible corporate support for those that wish to migrate to Linux based systems hampers the mass adoption of the Unix based OS by both individuals and corporate entities. Indeed most people would not use a Linux based OS like Ubuntu not because it is not good but because of a perceived lack of formal and reliable support from the OS vendor.
Most businesses would simply not migrate to an OS where if they have any problem, they are asked to consult an informal forum. Ubuntu has made great strides in winning a lot of both Windows and Mac OS users. But most of these users are those that like to try new things no matter the learning curve. There are more people out there that would use Ubuntu and throw Windows out the window if only they know they have reliable, formal support from Canonical, the parent company of Ubuntu.
Also, I strongly believe that Linux is having a hard time winning over a lot of OEMs because of a lack of user support. Lets face it, Windows has a superior user support than Linux. So this makes it easy for OEMs to load Windows knowing those who buy their ware have support from the OS vendor. This is very much explained in ZDNets Dana Blankenhorn’s post.  That is not the case with Linux. Most of the support that Linux users have is through the use of the forums.
Do not get me wrong, the forums are a great place to get support which I did myself when I started my 
journey to OS liberation. But the fact still remains that telling people to turn to community forums for support makes an OS look more like something used by hobbyists than something that can be adopted in en mass.
It is in this regard that I was happy to learn of Canonical’s new support service for Ubuntu users. This very strategic but overlooked move could not have come at a right time. The technology world is at a crossroads and the Windows empire is reaching its point of demise. Last week’s DDOS attacks on Twitter and Facebook have provoked lots of anxiety and questions over the reliability of Windows. There needs to be a successor and if Ubuntu is poised to take up that role, then having a formal, reliable and corporate support from the OS vendor is a must.
This new service from Canonical is aimed at individuals and corporate organizations  who want an easy and smooth transition from slavery to the resource hog Windows over to Ubuntu Linux.  It is a very important move in the drive to make Ubuntu the OS of choice for those who value quality and excellence. 
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