Windows boxes being used to spread malware cocktail.

Cyber experts have raised an alarm about a potent malware mixture of trojans, password stealers, backdoors amongst others  being pushed to Windows boxes from over 55000 infected websites. The cybercriminals have embedded a malicious iFrame into tens of thousands of Websites to fire exploits at unsuspecting computer users who get onto the infected sites.
The iFrame points to an intermediary exploit site which in turn loads additional exploits and malware from up to seven different malware domains, according to  Mary Landesman who is a researcher in ScanSafe‚Äôs security threat alert team. A Google search she ran on the iFrame tag found it embedded on over 54000 sites! And all of this is possible with the help of Windows. 
To Windows users out there, I have a simple patch for you. Head here and download any of the hundreds of patches available here. They are fast, secure and free. Go on and protect your pc now!

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