4 sites all new Linux users must bookmark.

More and more people are migrating to the world of Linux day by day. However, most of these new users are people who have absolutely no prior knowledge or experience with Linux and how it works. Thus, most of them end up getting frustrated at the kind of learning curve they encounter. It is in this regard that I have compiled this short list of sites that can be helpful to new users in scaling the sometimes steep learning curve they meet.
This is a site where you 
you will find collections of useful courses to help you better use the applications found on the Linux distributions. There are also forums, chatrooms, courses, and help materials at your disposal. You can enroll in courses by registering for a new account. If you are a new user, clicking on login on the top right will take you to the create a new account section. Most courses can be copied in their entirety and restored in local Moodle instances. All the courses are public and are accessible via the guest account or username and password you were assigned by the teacher or system administrator, including, possibly an enrollment key. It really is a site worth bookmarking especially for beginners.
You probably might have been used to some applications on the Windows platform and are wondering if there is an Open Source alternative available to you. This is the site you need to visit. It has a massive collection of applications that are very useful as alternatives to most of the applications on the Windows platform. It is a must visit site if you want better alternatives to commercial softwares even for Windows users. Definitely a must bookmark.
If you ever need help as a Linux user of any distro, then Linux Questions is the place to go. It has subforums for virtually all the distros out there, with a a massive community of active users that are always eager to help you in whatever way they can. Definitely a must visit site.
This site is directory of various Linux related blogs on the web. It is updated continuously and thus you can keep up to date with the various development, news, analysis, gossip and much more happening in the world of Linux and Open Source in general.
This list is by no means a complete one and people may know of better sites than the ones I have compiled here. If you are among such people, please share your list with us in the comments so we can all benefit from them . Share.  

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