5 alternative image manipualtion apps for Linux newbies.

One  of the drawbacks to most people who want to migrate to Linux is that it lacks some really good image manipulation applications. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of a lot of programmers, there are some pretty cool image manipulation applications out there that most newbies are bound to find useful. Below are five of such applications
This app started as a fork of the popular Gimp project, aimed at creating a more professional image manipulation program aimed at the movie industry. The major difference between CinePaint and Gimp is that it supports 32bit colors with support for other image formats such as OpenEXR, DPX and Cineon. The download file together with installation instructions can be found here.
This is an Open Source 2D vector animation app aimed at those in the cartoon industry. It has layers, keyframes and timeline among others. The sole aim of this app is to help you build professional cartoon animations. The animations can either be saved as PNG files or exported as SWF files. There is a LiveCD of this app available for you to try your hands on before you decide whether to install or not.
This is the Linux alternative to MS Visio. It can be used to draw network diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, UML diagrams among others. It can be used to save diagrams to XML format and export diagrams to EPS or SVG format. The download file together with installation instructions are available here.
This is an Open Source platform for developing web apps and an alternative to Macromedia Flash Professional. It can be used to generate SWF files DHTML or AJAX for webpages. It has a simple user interface which makes building apps easy. You can read more about this app and download it on the OpenLaszlo site. If you are the type that builds internet apps, then you definitely got to try this app.
This is an Open Source movie editing app that lets you edit with flexibility and speed, create effects in real time, animate with unlimited features, paint and design on moving video, create music with all the tools the pros use , work in any format at any resolution and more all while sharing files, projects and clips with users on your network or around the world, and all using a single, open source application where the code is yours, that runs on practically any workstation. If you are in the movie editing industry, then Jahshaka is definitely a must have app, the Open Source rival to Adobe After Effects. The installation file can be downloaded here.

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