Fedora Mini – More spices for your Netbook and MID.

If you’ve ever wanted a Linux distro for your mobile device like netbook but never fancied the UNR, then you are in luck. Fedora, one of the big shots in the Linux distro world, now has a Special Interest Group working on a flavor for Netbooks and MIDs.
The new mobile version of Fedora is called Fedora Mini, and according to the Fedora site, is being developed by a group it called the Fedora Mini Specialist Interest Group whose aim is to get Fedora on mobile devices. The statement further continues thus “[i]nitially aimed at ensuring that the hardware used in devices such as Netbooks and Mobile Inter Devices (MIDs) work out of the box with Fedora, [e]ventually, we may also include and build a spin which is targeted at these devices through the use of another user interface experience. It could also be used to produce various spins for Gnome Mobile development, Intel’s Moblin project, Hildon etc.”
According to the site, the new Fedora Mini will initially  run on the Acer Aspire One, Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Eee PC, Fit PC, OLPC and Oswald. It is not yet available for public download but if you are using Fedora 12 alpha, you could test drive it by typing yum groupinstall “Moblin Desktop Environment” and re-login.
I have so far not seen any deifinite time as to when Fedora Mini will be publicly available, but I believe it will not be too long since Fedora may want to counter UNR market dominance in the world of Netbooks and MID

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