Finally, Archos 5, a Linux device that rivals Apple’s Ipod Touch

If you are a Linux enthusiast, and have hoped for a Linux powered device similar to Apple’s Ipod Touch, then you are in luck. The new Archos 5 is your answer. This Internet Media Tablet is packed with features set to make Apple’s Ipod Touch a child’s play.
This Android powered device comes with a storage drive ranging from 60GB to 250GB, in slim and sleek enclosures. It also comes with a MicroSD card slot in case you want more storage. Surfing the net is a breeze and enjoyable experience with the built in ARM Cortex processor and the Adobe Flash 9 video support. The high resolution screen simply blurs the difference between your surfing on the computer and this hand held device. It also supports WI-FI and comes with  full email application that lets you read, write, download and send attachments, and manage your contacts.
It also comes with various office apps to make working on the go easy. You can also purchase apps from the Android market It also comes with E-Buddy IM client and a Twitter for app for Twitter fans.
In terms of multimedia, it can handle virtually every video file format you throw at it including Flash, HD, H.264 HD, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, Flac,OGG Vorbis, MPEG-4. You can watch your favorite TV programs and movies in HD. You can connect with all the various video sharing sites like Youtube, Hulu and Google Videos. There is also a built in Media Club where you can download a vast number of songs and videos from the unique selection of renowned movie and music partners.
The list of features that comes with this device is really amazing and I can go on and on. It is due out today and can be purchased for  $269.95 and ships free with super saver shipping. You can get one here Archos 5 250 GB Internet Media Tablet. It is a device that all mobile device enthusiasts must not do without. It’s the future of mobile entertainment and the fact that it runs Linux even makes it a more appealing. Get yours now.

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