IBM to employees- Throw MS office out the window!

According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, IBM has now officially prohibited its employees from using MS Office after a grace period of ten days (newspaper article dated 11 September 09). They are now to use the in house Lotus Symphony which is itself a derivative of the legendary Open Office. Any future use of MS Office will be subject to management’s approval. This I believe is in line with a world wide switch from MS Office to Open Office and its derivatives.
This move comes in the wake of more than 330000 IBM employees who already use Symphony. I believe this move by IBM is a strategic is meant to entrench Open Source use among its employees and help the growth of its own office suite.
If you are still stuck using MS Office, read this post on five things MS Office users do not know about Open Office and   make up your mind now, follow in the footsteps of global giants like IBM; start using Open Office today. If  an open source office productivity app is  good for IBM and over 300000  of its employees, then it surely will be better for you. Head here and download a fully fledged office productivity suite for free!

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