Livestation- Watch hundreds of TV channels for Free on Ubuntu.

Livestation is a simple application that you can install on your Ubuntu system and virtually all the other distros out there to enjoy hundreds of free TV channels from all the world’s best TV stations. It is very resource efficient. All you will need after a simple 4 step install process is a free account where you can select the channels to watch on your Livestation client. That’s it. So here we go
The first thing is to download the Livestation client here ( click the Linux or penguin link).
Then copy the downloaded file to your /home folder if it’s not your default download location.
Next open a terminal (don’t panic, just copy and paste the following commands)

chmod +x ./Livestation-[version].run and press enter 

./Livestation-[version].run again press enter

Next press q to skip the readme and y to accept the terms following the prompts on the screen to complete the install.
Once installed, just type Livestaion at the terminal to run the app. 

That’s it. Enjoy all the channels you can. Cheers.

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