Lubuntu – Another flavor of Ubuntu

One of my esteemed readers drew my attention to this nascent distro called Lubuntu. The goal of this distro, according to the Wiki page is “to to create a variant of Ubuntu that uses LXDE, The Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, as its default GUI. The ultimate goal of the Lubuntu project is to earn official endorsement from Canonical.”
It further continues as thus “[m]embers of the Lubuntu team take care of LXDE and other packages that are part of the planned Lubuntu install. Please join us and contribute to creating a lighter, less resource-hungry and more energy-efficient flavour of Ubuntu. We look forward to working together with you on a truly international and inspiring Free and Open Source Software project!”
Not a bad idea. This will simply mean more old computers will get to be given a second life and also more choices. I look forward to test driving this flavor in the near future.
I scoured Youtube and found the Lubuntu videos below. I hope you enjoy them.

This second one is the Lubuntu being run in a Virtual machine

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  1. I've been playing with LXDE from the Karmic repos and it has SERIOUS potential. In terms of speed it spanks XFCE, it's stable, it's damned usable. It's not fully "tuned" in the state I'm using it, but I assume the Lubuntu project is getting the visuals and layout closer to "Ubuntu standards".

  2. The developers of LXDE received an invitation from Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth earlier this year to create an official desktop alongside Ubuntu. This in turn would become an official derivative, à la Lubuntu.

    I think Lubuntu is already an officially supported Derivative of Ubuntu, only not announced by the Canonical yet. The first stable release of Lubuntu will be based on Ubuntu 9.10

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