Women- the missing factor in the Open Source equation.

Women, a very important constituent in every facet of life, are surprisingly missing in the Linux equation, or at least they seem so to me. Virtually all those that I am aware of in the Open Source world are men. Everybody I know on all the FOSS forums out there is a man. I am left wondering why it is so. Is it that Open Source is a male reserve or what? 
I strongly believe that women can make a very big, and I mean big impact in the quest to spread Open Source to all parts of the world. Seeing the strides women have made in all other facets of life, it is  little wonder that their apparent absence in the Open Source movement can really be felt.
It is my view that a conscientious effort be made to get more women involved in the Free Software movement. This, no doubt will help further the cause of the Movement. I am very  much eager to hear from any of the wonderful ladies out there who are involved in Open Source.

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