4 powerful ‘anti-virus’ programs to complement your Windows 7 experience

Windows 7 has finally been released. A lot of buzz is currently being generated around this release with more people set to give it a try. A quick search on Twitter for Windows 7 shows a huge number of tweets every single second. However, there is a problem that you would have to confront sometime in the future if you are using the new MS baby; ‘threatware.’
There are rogues out there that simply live on invading your computer and stealing your data for their own nefarious reasons. The latest modus operandi of these is criminals is to hijack your computer and force you to pay them a ransom before you can use your own computer again. Don’t fall for such security risks and pranks. The following 4 ‘anti-virus’ programs will surely safeguard you from all these security threats and take your computing experience to the max without you having to repartition your Windows 7 box.
Anti-virus 1- Kubuntu Linux
This is perhaps the most popular ‘anti-virus’ or virus immune program you might have heard of from the ‘other side.’ This ‘anit-virus’ is a versatile OS built on the Linux kernel designed to run smoothly on even fairly old hardware. You can use this ‘anti-virus’ along side your existing Windows installation. With this program, you can now spend more time having a worthwhile internet experience and less worrying about all the threatware out there. The best part of this program is that it is free to use. You can get more information about this ‘threatware’ stopper and how you can download a copy here.
Anti-virus 2- Linux Mint
This ‘anti-virus’ is a direct derivative of the first one designed for those who want everything read to use out of the box without any additional configurations. It is easy to use for beginners and has almost no learning curve. It is also immune to any form of threatware. You can also use it alongside your current Windows installation just like the first one. It is certainly worth a try if you want a simple way to save yourself from Windows threatware. Read more about this free ‘anti-virus’ here and how to download a copy for yourself.
Anti-virus 3- Fedora Linux
This Linux based ‘anti-virus’ works well on almost all hardware and is stable. It is backed by one of the industry giants in the Linux world; Red Hat. It’s also one of the most popular ‘anti-viruses’ that you can run alongside your Windows 7; also available for free.
Anti-virus 4 Arch Linux
This program is really simple and light weight designed to use as little system resources as possible. It is great for those of you who want a program whose footprint is nigh invisible on your Windows 7 box.  Go on and grab a copy of this threat proof program today.
To complete the setup of your ‘anti-virus’ of choice from the above list- you can get even more choices here– just install the addon called Windows 7 transformation pack and you have a safe, robust and flexible system that is almost immune to all the innumerable threat ware out there.
I am not saying do not use your new Windows 7, no. Use it, but I do strongly encourage you also give one of the above listed ‘anti-viruses’ right on your system. Try them and tell us what you think.

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