5 reasons to try Kubuntu Karmic Koala right this moment.

The latest release of Kubuntu, code named Karmic Koala is out for download. I have already downloaded mine and have it running on my Acer Extensa laptop. If you are using Windows or have not yet heard of that ‘thing’ called Linux, I really encourage you to give Kubuntu Karmic Koala  try. It is the best Linux OS I have ever used, far better than Ubuntu itself which I had been using before. If you need something to push you to try, I have some 5 simple reasons for that.
World Class Interface
Kubuntu comes with the latest KDE, an Open Source desktop environment that is more than great. It gives the new Windows 7 a run for its money at the lowest of resource cost. I am not going to go into the technicalities of KDE 4 here. What I will say is that it is very polished, eye pleasing with great features like desktop widgets, consumes less computer resource and more. It is what I believe is the Open Source equivalent of the well polished Windows 7, frankly. You can check out this video and see for yourself.
Give your old computer a new life
With the current global hue and cry over climate change and environmental degradation, you would not want to be guilty of exacerbating the situation by throwing away your old computer because you cannot get Windows to run that efficiently on it. Let Kubuntu breath a life into your computer. With its low system requirement, it can run on practically any old computer you may have in the home. Why throw away and contribute to climate change when you can reuse you computer with a much efficient OS?
One installation to do it all.
Download Kubuntu, install it and you have everything done with that one installation. You would not need a different set of drivers for every other hardware you have on your computer. Kubuntu automatically configures it all  for you and makes your system usable as soon as the install is completed. No matter what brand of computer you are using, chances are you are likely to have Kubuntu do all the work for you. No more configuration hassles whatsoever.
Everything you need in one place.
Kubuntu comes with everything you will need to be productive right after installation. One installation and you have a world class office suite, an awesome browser, image manipulation app, time killing games (with more just a click away) among others. Really, unless you are someone who uses the computer for highly specialized work, you are certain to find everything you need with just one installation. No more install after install hassles.
No more hassling for software
With its massive repository of softwares, you are likely to find an app to accomplish whatever you want to do. All you have to do is to search for the app in the software center and install it. It’s as simple as that. You would not need Professor Google to help you track down where to download that app you want to use to accomplish that task. It is all available and ready to install. All  you would need is the desire to use the app and you have it.
If you are new to Linux, I would really encourage you to try out this derivative of the popular Ubuntu and see for yourself what I am talking about. You would not need to make any changes on your current system, just give it a try from the LiveCD and see for yourself. You are sure to be surprised at what you find in Kubuntu with KDE as I was when I first tried it about two weeks ago; ironically, I’ve been using Ubuntu for a long time but never gave Kubuntu a try.
I would not blindly ask you to format  your computer today and install Kubuntu. No. You keep using your Windows system but be sure to try out Kubuntu for sometime. You can install it side by side with Windows and choose which one to boot into at startup. You will not be disappointed, I can confidently promise you that. And, lest I forget, the terminal is not a rigid require to use Kubuntu though knowledge of it will not hurt either. So go ahead and take up my challenge. Give Kubuntu a try and if you get disappointed, I will buy you a cup of coffee. No kidding.

4 Replies to “5 reasons to try Kubuntu Karmic Koala right this moment.”

  1. My knowledge about IT is zero. But I am curious about opensource that you are presenting so much. I wonder if you can help me have a little skill about it at least is the way to make use of it?

  2. Yea sure by all means. Let me know when you have a question or need some ans and I would be happy to help. You reach on twitter.com/sinaisix or drop me a mail at sinaisix at gmail dot com and I will be more than happy to help you.

  3. you kidding me right? KDE for old computer? how old is it? because my 2 year core duo laptop seem heavy handling it. ubuntu much more lighter then Kubuntu… hope KDE4 will fix this damn bug in their network manager so that I wont have to use manual connection from terminal.

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