6 must have addons to enhance your Openoffice.org experience

Almost everybody does a certain amount of word processing on their systems. One of the most popular word processing apps around is OpenOffice, the 3rd version of which as at yesterday (October 28) has been downloaded a hundred million times.
What makes this great office suite wonderful to use is the extent to which  you can customize it with the thousands of freely available addons. These addons add extra features to make working with Openoffice very interesting. Below are 6 of such addons you definitely need to install to take your Openoffice.org to the max.
This is a cool OpenOffice.org wrapper for Google Translate. It allows you to translate a document to any language using Google Translate library as the backend. This is particularly useful when you want to quickly translate your document or part of it from one language to another without having to copy paste it in online interface. OOTranslator provides a nice and simple interface which allows you to customize its behaviour using various options. Definitely a must have.
How many times have you wanted to insert page numbers on those documents you typed and wished to heaven there was an easy way to do it? Well your prayers have been answered. Pagination is simply a little macro that adds an ‘Insert / Page number…’ dialog to writer. It eases the way you can add page numbers to a document. Definitely must add.
This addon makes inserting special characters into your document a breeze. Compose Special Characters lets you type two or three characters and use a keyboard shortcut to convert them into a single accented or special character. It works on Writer and Calc. You can also use a dialog to insert any supported character. The dialog lists all supported characters and the character combinations you use to compose them. The characters are categorised in the dialog for easier reference. Once you know the character combination you need for any particular character you don’t need to use the dialog if you assign a shortcut key to the Compose function. You can then type the character combination and press your shortcut to get your composed character as you type.
This is a very good addon for Impress which makes learning very fun and aids easy memorization. OpenCards  uses slide-titles as flashcard fronts and the slide contents as their backs. Based on state-of-the-art memorization and scheduling algorithms OpenCards will help you to learn any set of flashcards.  The two great reasons why I like this addon is that it allows you to learn any Impress/Powerpoint-files as flashcard-set without conversion and it also reduces your memorization efforts by implementing state-of-the-art methods for spaced repetition.  Definitely a must have especially if you are a student.
This addon gives you splendid professional looking templates for your word processing, number crunching and presentations. It has over 120 templates for Writer, Calc and Impress. It has among others, templates for
  •      Business correspondence templates in six different layouts
  •      Budget and project plan templates
  •      Event posters in six different layouts
  •      Invoices, notes, minutes, press release templates in six different layouts
  •      Presentation templates
  •      A dozen formal and personal letter templates
  •      Business card templates
This is a  must have template for every OpenOffice.org user. It adds the professional touch to your documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
This simple addon works on Calc, Writer, Draw and Impress by analyzing how frequently you use the same words and use these words as tags for templates. It will display you a dialog where you can see in the descending order how often what word was used in your document. The purpose of this is to simplify the process of filling in template properties for OpenOffice.org Templates. One less work and filling for you to do.  
These are 6 simple addons that will add some spark to your Openoffice.org suite and hopefully increase your productivity. There are thousands of others that you can choose from and if you know some coding, could even create your own. I hope you like them as much as I do and look forward to hearing your view of them and which ones you prefer using.

BTW did you know you can watch thousands of satellite channels on your computer without a satellite dish or monthly subscription?

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