6 must have Open Source apps for Windows 7 users

Windows 7 was released for retailing last week and I know by now you might have bought yourself a copy. However, getting the shiny looking Windows 7 on your box is just the beginning of your journey to having an enjoyable computing experience. You would need to have some apps that will complement what you do with the OS. Below are 6 of such apps that are absolutely a must have to complete your Windows 7 experience.
This simple CD/DVD burning software is a very impressive application given the array of features it offers. It can be used to create custom data, audio and mixed-mode projects and record them to physical discs as well as disc images, record to dual-layer DVDs, erase rewritable discs using four different methods and scan the SCSI/IDE bus for devices and collect information about their capabilities, among a host of other features. It is suitable for everyday users who only do so much with their CD burning programs. I think it will serve your needs well since most of the fancy features you find in commercial counterparts are hardly used by most people. InfraRecorder is definitely a must have.

If for some strange reasons you have not heard of VLC before, then you are missing something. This app is one player to rule them all. It has never failed to play any file I have ever thrown at it. It uses its own internal codecs, runs on any platform I know of and is very light weight. It is packed with almost every features you could think of, 7 of which you might not even know of. VLC is definitely a must have if you are to enjoy multimedia on your WIndows 7 system to the max.
If for some very, very, very strange reason you do not know what Firefox is, please check out this video before you continue reading. Firefox is the most super, duper browser in the world. It comes with an simple interface and an impressive array of features. It is extremely customizable with the thousands of readily available addons out there, 7 of which are a must have. If you are in the EU, then the obvious choice of browser for you is Firefox since your Windows 7 is not likely to come with IE preinstalled. But if you are anywhere else in the world, do yourself a favor an avoid IE at all cost. Use Firefox instead. It definitely will make your computing experience an unforgettable one.
This is another awesome app you would not want to do without on your new Windows 7 system. It is a universal chat client that connects to virtually every chat system on the planet (now has voice and video). You can even extend it further with wonderful plugins that blow you away. It is very lightweight and does not eat up your system resources like other ones out there. With Pidgin, you only need one app to stay in touch with your friends across all the popular social networking sites out there. You really would not want to do without this app on your Windows 7 system. It’s absolutely a must have no doubt.
If you are going to be doing some word processing on your system- who doesn’t anyway?- then Openoffice is a must have app. This cool and easy to use, full fledged office suite comes packed with features that will do almost anything you are used to doing with its counterparts, chiefly MS Office. It has a simple interface (though a little ugly to some people), is customizable with thousands of widgets and has almost no learning curve as long as you can read and write. It is good for every setting you can think of and can be deployed easily and quickly without hassles. I definitely and highly recommend Openoffice  to help you get the best out of your new Windows 7.

This is an anti-virus and anti-spyware that works perfectly on your Windows 7 system. It has a standalone virus scanner and right-click menu integration to Microsoft Windows Explorer, high detection rates for viruses,  spyware scanning scheduler, automatic downloads of regularly updated virus database, addin to Microsoft Outlook to remove virus-infected attachments automatically among others. The only downside of this app however, is that it does not include an on-access real-time scanner. You need to manually scan a file in order to detect a virus or spyware. It is still worth the try though, that is if you are not the type that clicks on every yes you see online and in your email.

So now that you have these  apps on  your new and shiny Windows 7, you can enjoy the best of computing technology at a relatively affordable price. I would love to know what other app you would love to see on the list. Please let me know and I would gladly add it.

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