7 greatest Firefox addons of all time you must install right now!

Firefox is no doubt the biggest and greatest Open Source project to date; something that all ‘fundamentalists’ on both sides of the OS divide agree on. What has made this browser that was created from the ghost of  a predecessor- the Netscape Navigator- so popular and successful is the extent to which you can customize it with the thousands of freely available addons. Below are 7 greatest of the great addons of all time you must install right now after reading.
This addon is simply a must have especially for Windows users. Its most appealing feature is that it informs you if a web page is malicious, sends spam, contains spyware, online scams, identity theft, and more. It also alerts you about sites that are unsafe for children and let’s you erase these sites from your Firefox history automatically; saves you the embarrassment of your kids accidentally seeing that pron site you visited last night 🙂 . It also rates ethical behavior of a site’s company including social responsibility, business practices, environmental impact, etc. The list of features packed in this addon is endless and is definitely a must add to your amazing Firefox.
Do you want to save money in online shopping  especially in this economic heat and meltdown? No? Then skip this addon to the next one. But if you answered yes, then read on. This nifty addon works quietly in the background by comparing prices elsewhere with the one you are currently viewing, if it finds a price lower than what you are looking at, it immediately alerts you of it in a discreet and non intruding way. You really stand to save a lot of money with this simple addon which is almost invisible on your browser. It definitely is a must have if you shop online.
The amount of information on the internet is very huge. And I mean huge, so much so that you can never keep up with it. This is where Glydo comes in. What this addon does is that it discovers new and exciting content for you by detecting and analyzing the pages you are viewing right now. Recommended content is made easily available through your browser’s statusbar, and does not interrupt your browsing. It makes a comprehensive search of the entire web- Twitter, news, videos,Wikipedia, IMDB, Last.fm, blogs, etc- and delivers the most relevant information pertaining to what you are currently viewing. Definitely a must add.
Ever come across a certain webpage that you really wanted to read but just did not want to clutter your bookmark list since it’s just a one time read?  Then
Readitlater can help. What this addon does is that it allows you to save pages of interest to read later. It helps you save pages to a reading list to read when you have time. You can manage your list in any browser or on any device, view your list from anywhere with automatic rss feeds of your items and more. It also works on all popular mobile platforms and all browsers. Definitely a must add.
This addon simply gives you a preview of what the video is about before you watch it, without having to navigate away from the page. Preview video links in Twitter instead of blindly clicking shortened URLs. With Videosurf videos, you can easily find the video you want, avoid spam and jump to specific moments in a video. Video summaries and related videos are available for all the popular video sharing sites. Really a must have for ‘videophytes’ like myself. After deciding what video to watch, use Downthemall (the best download manager from FOSS) to bring them all down to your local hdd.
This addon, aka Smarterfox, saves you time by speeding up repetitive tasks. It gives you  faster, parallelized downloads, auto-loading of next page, improved searching, and more. FastestFox will dramatically enhance your productivity. Check out the images here and see for yourself how this Fox can make your Firefox smarter and faster. Really a must have.
Formerly known as Foxmarks, this addon is the king of bookmark management that you will ever need on your computer. Install Xmarks on each computer you use, and it will seamlessly integrate with your web browser and keep your bookmarks safely backed up and in sync. Xmarks will also sync across browsers too. It now supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (Mac OS). There is also a bonus Secure Password Sync feature which is optional. The sure fire way to get a feel of this must have addon is to install it right now and give it a try. You will be glad you did.
These are the Ghabuntu.com greatest Firefox addons of all time that you definitely need to install right this moment if you already do not have them. I know there are thousands more addons there that you can choose from. I would be glad to hear those that you prefer above the ones on this list. Share your preference.

3 Replies to “7 greatest Firefox addons of all time you must install right now!”

  1. you forgot adblocks plus … i cannot surf without this one anymore:

    it removes all the adds on web page automatically.
    it increase the load time of page since most of the time the longest load time in a page is dedicated to the flash adds.
    when the adds frame are remove it increase the frame size of the content as well.

    this one is definitely a "must hove"


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