8 cool Songbird addons you must try today

Songbird, the cross platform, open source media player, is to multimedia what Firefox is to browsers.  If you already do not have it installed on your system, please do so now before you continue reading. Ubuntu users can follow the steps here. Windows users can just do the usual double clicking on the .exe file.
Songbird is packed with awesome features that makes it a real must have app on your box. There are certain things that it can do which the popular iTunes cannot. The best part of Songbird is that you can extensively customize it with the hundreds of addons available to you. Lets take a look at 8 of such addons that you really need to try on your Songbird.
LiveTweeter for Songbird helps you tweet your tunes. It allows you to post what you are listening on both Twitter and MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger. Tweet your tunes with ease with LiveTweeter for Songbird. The  LiveTweeter addon is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Learn more about the artist currently playing from Wikipedia. The information is displayed in the bottom content pane by default. More knowledge of your artist as you enjoy their work.
This time around you can enjoy your Apple toy on your PC without hassle or iTunes. Play your iPod from Songbird and synchronize it with your Songbird library using the iPod device Songbird extension. This extension will mount your iPod in Songbird, allowing you to play songs from your iPod library and playlists. This extension also allows you to copy songs to your iPod or synchronize your iPod from your Songbird library.
This extension simply imports your iTunes library into Songbird.
The iTunes Library Importer functionality is built into Songbird 0.7 and later. You can find it in the preferences under “iTunes Importer.” Simply install the iTunes library importer Songbird extension from the Tools/Add-ons menu, and you’ll be able to import your iTunes music library into Songbird using the “File/Import a Library…” menu item.
The iTunes importer may be used on Linux to import an iTunes library from Mac or Windows. However, the file paths in the iTunes library file must be modified first. For example, a global change such as changing “D:” to “mnt/data” would allow an import of files that were stored on a Windows “D:” drive and mounted on a Linux “/mnt/data” drive.
Simple. Playback M4P files you purchased from the iTunes Music Store. Must have.
This is an addon that works on both Songbird and Firefox. CustomizeGoogle adds links to other search engines and services like social bookmarking websites, removes ads, lets you “scroll infinitely” through search results, make Google services more secure with https://, and other additions that make Google services better.
This addon defines bittorrent made easy. It’s an extension that allows you to download torrents in Songbird (please check if using bittorrent is legal in your locality before using).
Do you like to be reading the lyrics of your song while it’s playing? Then LyricMaster is your answer. It does among other things
  • Displays an icon next to the track in the library if the track has lyrics.
  • Displays the lyrics a song has embedded through metadata.
  • Fetch the lyrics if the song contains no lyric metadata.
  • Allows you to edit the lyrics a song contains.
These are what I think are some cool addons you should give a try today. There are hundreds available that you can try to find your best fit. I would really appreciate it if you share your own list with me.

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