A detailed analysis of Mark Shuttleworths Linuxcon 2009 keynote address.

I came across this blogpost on LinuxPlanet where the author has deeply dissected the speech delivered by Shuttleworth at the Linuxcon 2009. The three things he stressed on were cadence, design and quality. Things I have also been talking about for sometime now. Below are excerpts from the blogpost with a link to hte full article.
“Mr. Shuttleworth’s three points are Cadence, Quality, Design, and they are all part of coordinated vision for the future of Linux development. It is a very different vision from how it’s done now. The current state is very developer-centric. Software developers start and maintain projects, and the quality, responsiveness, and direction of projects are mainly controlled by the developers. Mark’s vision is broader and more ambitious:

“People often ask me why I’m so fascinated by Free software , and why I put so much time, energy, and money into Ubuntu…I really believe the Free software process is the right way to build software. Not only that, but there is the potential, if we raise our game… that we could end up defining the experience that the average person has whenever they turn on a computer.”

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