Hey Ubuntu! you are 5 years today since Warty Warthog- Happy birthday

Exactly 5 years ago today(October 20), the first ever Ubuntu  release, code named Warty Wathog was debuted. It was then a small project that was quickly dismissed by some as one more child’s play on the already cluttered  Linux OS market. Oh boy were such people wrong.
Since Warty Warthog, there has been 11 consecutive releases(including Karmic Koala) and all have followed the set schedule of April and October release cycle, except Ubuntu 6.06 which was released in June instead of April. Over the years, Ubuntu has grown to become a force to be reckoned with both in the world of Linux and outside of it. It is now the most popular Linux distro out there with more people migrating to it fully everyday.
The distro has gone through a lot of changes over the years with the master climax set to be in Karmic Koala. The appearance has gone through a lot: from an ugly looking, hard to watch ‘facial’ appearance to a greatly polished and world class desktop in Karmic Koala . Ubuntu Linux is now the preferred favorite of most Linux users I know and the near default starting distro for a lot of newbie Linux users.
Ubuntu has also fared well in the enterprise world with a lot of services built around the distro suited for businesses. It is very interesting to also know that Ubuntu, itself a Debian  derivative  has managed to make the distro more usable and GUI friendly in that the use of the terminal has largely been made optional though there is still more work to be done relative to the use of the terminal.
All in all , Ubuntu has made great strides in getting Linux to the masses and has to a large extent, lived up to its theme of ‘Linux for human beings.’ There is still work to be done especially in the light of the upcoming Windows 7 which is set to be released 2 days from today. But all in all, Ubuntu and all the guys and gals at Canonical have done a yo man’s job. I wish Ubuntu a happy birthday and look forward to a less terminal dependent,  more solid, wold class standard releases in the future. Happy birthday Ubuntu Linux.

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  1. Please, don't get me wrong. It was late of night here in Brazil and i barely could do the translation. I was sleeping in front the computer.
    Your credit is given.


    BTW, you could post a link to my blog too… Of course, if you want to…

    Best regards from Brazil!!!


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