The Linux Gamers’ Game List- A massive directory of Linux games

One of the greatest challenges faced by Linux is the perceived luck of games for the platform. There are however, hundreds if not thousands of games out there that run perfectly on the Linux platform which only need to be discovered and enjoyed. One sure way of discovering such games is the Linux Gamers Gaming List.
The Linux Gamers’ Gaming List is a very comprehensive list of over 350 Linux games (at the time of writing this post) ranging from cards to arcade to action. I found the list very comprehensive and easy to navigate. They also accept entries from the general public or publishers and ‘reserve the right to refuse games that suck.’ So you can be rest assured that every game on that list is of good standard and you are sure to find a game that will satisfy your taste.
So if you are thinking of  finding a good game on Linux to play, then the Linux Gamers Game List is a must visit. What other Linux game directory do you know of? Please share with us.

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