Live Android- run Google Android on your computer.

If you have ever wanted to try Google Android OS, but are not willing to buy a smart phone that runs it, then Live Android is your solution. LIVE Android is a project that lets you download a LiveCD of Android which you can burn onto a disc and run it on your computer.
You can also use the LiveCd in a virtualization program like VirtualBox, VMWare and others without the need to reboot. This is certainly good news to people who wish to get a feel of what Android is and how it works but either cannot afford the phone that runs it or simply do not want to pay for a new phone. There are various download options available for you to get the ISO file.
So go on, try Live Android and get a feel of what Google has to offer. I think you could also use Android to get a taste of what the upcoming Google Chrome OS may be like.

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