Meet Nook- the Android powered ebook reader from Barnes and Noble.

‘The world’s most advanced ebook reader,’ christened Nook, has been released by Barnes and Noble, a long time competitor to Amazon. This release is directly meant to challenge the market dominance of the  Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6″ Display, U.S. & International Wireless, Latest Generation), Amazon’s own ebook reader. This sleek Android powered device that will really make the guys at Apple jealous boasts of a top e-ink display from Vizplex and a color touchscreen (3.5-inches) below, which supports one-touch control and swipe-to-browse books with full-color covers.

It measures 7.7- x 4.9- x 0.5-inches and weighs 11.2 ounces. It supports one-touch control and swipe-to-browse books with full-color covers. The rechargeable battery takes 3.5 hours to go from zero to full when using a wall outlet. Barnes and Noble claims it can last for 10 days if you put off the Wireless.

It also spots an inbuilt WiFi (802.11b/g) and AT&T 3G is inclusive, a 2GB  internal storage, a microSD expansion slot, MP3 player, built-in mono speaker, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a micro USB port and support for EPUB, PDF and MP3.

You can pick up where you left off (with markings and highlights in tact) on your iPhone or BlackBerry using its free eReader software, which just so happens to be the same app that allows sharing to iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, PC or Mac. You always can try a book before buying and you will also enjoy free WiFi anytime you find yourself in a Barnes & Noble retail location. The nook also supports bookmarking, making notes, and highlighting passages, and the ‘LendMe’ feature allows users to lend books for up to a fortnight at a time to other e-readers, cellphones or computers.

All in all, it is a great shiny gizmo worth having if you have the bucks to spare, for it comes at a weight of $259, available for pre-order. More nooky pictures here for your viewing pleasure. Will you buy nook? Which do you prefer: nook or kindle? Share your thoughts.

10 Replies to “Meet Nook- the Android powered ebook reader from Barnes and Noble.”

  1. I didn't mean overpriced, I know e-ink is a relatively new technology (and probably very patented) and this alone can justify the price. I mean that many other devices (netbooks, smartphones …) similar in price can be used as e-book readers and also do much more.

    Of course, I have to reckon it, if everybody did think like me and never bought expensive new gadgets they never would have become cheap like they are now.

  2. The Nook is very cool..I am planning on purchasing one as a matter of fact! I have a Kindle now and although it does its job, I am looking for something on the next level.

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