Miro 2.5.3- An Internet TV application worth having

Miro 2.5.3 (formerly known as Democracy Player) lets you watch video files downloaded from the Internet. The player offers you a list of channels where you can specify programs that you would like to watch. Diversity is becoming more and more with the automatic update list of channels and programs.
Those programs are downloaded in the background and when they are ready, appear in the box New Videos. The picture quality is what distinguishes this program from all like it. Video files are high resolution and can be viewed in full screen. If you want to save any transmission, song, show, etc., press the right button save the file and it will already be in “My Collection”. Otherwise, each video downloaded automatically is deleted after 6 days ( by default).

Miro 2.5.3 also interacts with YouTube, Blogdigger, Revver, Veoh Video Network, Google Video, blip.tv and Daily Motion. This means that videos of these platforms are accessible from Miro.

There are still strings that do not provide access via the Internet to your programs, but most have already begun. Miro 2.5.3 takes this fact and gradually approaching the ideal of free on-demand television. You can head to the download site to download it for your Windows platform. For Linux users, it can be easily installed from your software repository.

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