Ubuntu Karmic Koala- A perfect alternative to Windows 7

I downloaded the beta version of the up coming Ubuntu Karmic Koala and gave it a try. To say I am impressed is an understatement. There is no doubt the amount of work that has gone into this release since Jaunty. Everything worked out of the box. I did not have to tinker with anything.
This then set me thinking about why people would pay money to get to use the upcoming Windows 7 when Ubuntu Karmic will also debut around that time and will be available for free. You see, it is not just some kind of empty propaganda or fanboyism when we say Ubuntu is a matured alternative to Windows. The OS that you use on your computer is a means to a certain end. Why then, should you spend money on a certain means when you can get one equally good for free?
After testing out the beta of Karmic Koala, I am now left with now doubt that Ubuntu is ready and can now be a perfect replacement for Windows 7. Karmic has basically everything that Windows 7 can boast of. It is polished, fast, supports a wide array of hardware among others. What more  could you ask for? Not to mention that all the core applications you will need come with just one install.
I know some people will disagree with me. However, I strongly believe Ubuntu can now stand up to Windows as a viable OS on the desktop. Windows 7 is very polished, but underneath that shiny looking cover is a big pack of trouble. Believe me, Windows 7 is not going to be anymore different than its predecessors. Wait till the bad guys start bombarding it with trojans, malware and viruses, then you will see that despite its nice looks, it is still Windows.
To prove my assertions, Microsoft has now released its own security suite named MS Security Essentials. That alone should tell you how vulnerable Windows is and how desperate Microsoft has become- going to the extent of releasing an antivirus for FREE. That also is an implicit acknowledgment of the fact that Windows cannot stand on its own without a third party guard! Would you want to pay for such an OS? I would not in a thousand years.
Before you decide to pay for a Windows 7 license, I would humbly urge you to first download a copy of Karmic Koala, give it a try for a week or two and then make an unbiased assessment of it yourself. You will see that you would not have to spend money whatsoever on a pile of software that crumbles at the least attack made on it. Do you intend using Windows 7? Please tell us why or why you would not use Ubuntu.

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  1. Does Karmic support soft-modems out of the box? Can I send my fax from Karmic like I can from Windows?

    Does it support Intel's Wireless network cards as perfectly as Windows does, or do I have to use them through ndiswrapper like I do now instead, and this of course after reading and sifting through many How-to Ubuntu lists?

    How about networking? Is Samba working perfectly out of the box? Can I browse my network WITHOUT having to resort to using IP addresses like I now have to? Even when using a crossover cable?

    Can I share my network connection as easily as I can share it in Vista (nevermind Win 7): from Ubuntu to another Ubuntu? From Ubuntu to Windows?

    I certainly hope so, but I have a feeling that all that is a long way off. And if all of these warts ( and I could probably list more) are still in Ubuntu then you have an answer as to why people still shun Linux.

  2. @Anonymous
    I know perfectly that there are some places that need more work. No doubt. However, there is always a workaround to almost all problems that arise.

    Don't forget that all the things you mentioned are things that in one way or the other were designed with Windows as the standard. So even for Ubuntu to manage a workaround them is in itself an achievement

  3. @ sinaisx
    Thank you for the great article!

    If you think the look of Windows 7 is polished, you should take a look at Gnome-look. There are 100' s of Free GRATIS themes for Gnome available. You can make Gnome look like whatever you wish. If you want the look of Windows 7, simply install the 7 theme. If you want your desktop to look like MacOS X, install the MacOS X theme. Or better yet, choose something totally different, depending on your own taste.

    I have tested both Windows 7 RC1 (build 7100) and Kubuntu Karmic Koala (Alpha 5) and remarkably the Alpha was more functional then the RC.

    Currently using Ubuntu Karmic Koala Beta1.

    With kind regards,


  4. Hi Marti,
    Thanks for stopping over. I am myself using one of those eyecandy themes and to say I am impressed is an understatement.
    Ubuntu with an eyecandy theme is just perfect. Thanks for sharing the link.

  5. Hey All,

    I've been running Ubuntu on every machine I have for the last 4 years. Hardware has consisted of EVERYTHING. Standard Homebuilt Desktops. An old Dell Inspiron 8600, two uber-powered net-tops (FLybook V5 and Vye S41) and now an Asus X83VB.

    Linux has come a long way, and ubuntu specifically, making things easier for the end user. Everything on my new laptop is completely detected by Karmic. From the Webcam, to the Intel 5100 BGN wifi. These machines all come w/ a windows license in some form or another, but I find myself prefering linux.

    Just as a note, Linux can run windows code, can look like windows (if you want), can connect to windows, can repair windows, and can view windows formatted drives.

    Windows, cannot run windows code natively at all, can't see Ext3/4 drives without a driver to do so, not supported by MS in any way…

    Linux is the future, Windows is Bound to be the next apple of 1986 🙂

  6. I've been running Ubuntu for a long time now.
    For now I am only using win7 for gaming and some coding purposes and I'm sure I am going to drop win7 over a year or so when virus, worms and other malware become to much to handle, since I have a bad habit of not installing virus scanners

    But still WINE needs to improve if Linux wants to takeover the pc gaming area

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