Watch Hulu on Ubuntu in two easy steps

Hulu has now released their desktop client for Linux. Unless you have been living in outer space and are new to Earth, you would have probably visited and watched a video on Hulu before and would have thought how nice it would have been to have a desktop client for your Ubuntu system. Well now it’s available and you can watch all the videos you want. Just follow these two steps and be on your way.
First download the installer file here
Second, just right click the file and choose the install with GDebi Package Installer.
That’s it. To watch, go to Applications>Sound and Video and choose hulu desktop. There you go. It really is a very polished application that looks splendid. Go on and give it a try. Enjoy.

3 Replies to “Watch Hulu on Ubuntu in two easy steps”

  1. << Unless you have been living in outer space and are new to Earth, >>

    by which you mean … live in the US?
    (most people in the world have no internet … what the heck! 2 billion have no electricity). And Hulu is only available in the US, by the way.

  2. While the majority of people living on the earth might not have access to the internet, roughly 100% of those reading this online article do.

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