What is wrong with you people in the West?!!!

I am a very frustrated and angry person this morning. I have had  enough of hearing virtually every morning on the news how some stupid white guy has been duped by some ‘girl’ he was dating and how he has lost money to the tune of several thousands of dollars.
First of all, why would a person who has the head screwed at the right place be ‘dating’ someone thousands of miles away that he has never seen? What makes you hurriedly ship money down when you are asked by your ‘girlfriend’ for it? Is it that you have so much money you do not know what to do with it? Are women in short supply in your country?
What I would want the whole world to know is that 99.9987% of those ‘girls’ you think you are dating in Africa are boys/men/guys/males/hes whatever you want to call them. But of a surety they are males PRETENDING to be females. They are using the pictures of their sisters, lady friends, girlfriends and random pictures they come across on the internet as fronts to beguile you. The only thing they want is to swindle every cent out of you.
The order of the day here in Africa and Ghana in particular is for guys to pretend to be girls, get themselves hooked up with some dummy in the developed world and use all and necessary means to swindle you. They use all forms of pretenses to make you believe that they are what they tell you they are. They will make you feel so loved that you would think you are in heaven. You fool, wake up from your slumber.You are being prepared for financial slaughter.
This does not go only for those who think they are in a relationship. Another method these criminals use is to tell you they have some fictitious business venture that you stand to gain a lot should you invest so much money. Don’t ever believe a word of all those nonsensical things you ‘girlfriends’ and ‘business partners’ tell you. They will only swindle the devil out of you.
If you care to know, some of these guys and their cohorts have now resorted to all forms of rituals to turn your brains into mushrooms. You do every single thing they ask you do. I get very mad when I hear stupid, hopeless, lousy and lazy politicians boast of how Foreign Direct Inflows have gone up due to their hard work when in reality 99.999978% of those FDIs are monies that come in through fraudulent means and go into the hands of criminals.
Please save your own selves and do not ‘date’ anything at all you see online or send money down to anybody at all that tells you they want to double your money for you in a stupid venture of which you have little to no knowledge. You naivety  is costing innocent hardworking people.

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