5 things you must necessarily be thankful for today.

You have been thankful today for a lot of things. However, did you remember to be thankful for the following five things?
If there’s anything that has changed how we share data all over the world on an unprecedented scale, then it is bittorrent. Have you been thanful for it?
Chances are 70% of all your entertainment, educational and other information needs are met through the blogs of others. Be thankful for such a medium
Not long ago, if you wanted to have an encyclopedia for reference purposes or any other reason, your best bet was to either pay for Encarta from Microsoft or buy those voluminous books like Encyclopedia Britannica. Imagine how Wikipedia changed all that and be thankful for it
Ubuntu Linux
If there is any other brand that has succeeded in making the masses aware of an alternative to Windows other than Apple, then it is Ubuntu. Also think of how it has succeeded in bringing desktop Linux to the mainstream and be thankful for it
If there is any one company that gives massive value for free, then it is Google. Think of the phrase ‘Just Google it’ and be thankful for such a company.

Go on a be thankful for all the things you want, but don’t forget the five things above.

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