Adrive- Get 50GB of Free Online storage and backup

Ubuntu Karmic was released last week to an enthusiastic reception by all of us. One new feature I noticed in the latest release is that the Canonical file backup and synchronization service Ubuntu One is installed by default. This is a good move on the part of Canonical in its drive to make money.
However, Ubuntu One comes with only 2GB of free storage space. From there, you’d have to pay for more space. For those of you (including myself) who cannot pay for the additional space for one reason or the other, there is Adrive. This is a good alternative to Ubuntu One that offers you a little more.
They have three plans available: the Basic, Signature and Premium. With the Basic plan, you will have the essentials to store, backup, share, and edit your documents online. I will only recommend the Basic as most of us would not go beyond that. The features of this plan include
  • Universal Access
  • 50GB Storage Capacity (per account)
  • File Sharing
  • Folder/Directory Upload
  • File Download
  • Easy Search Tool
  • Remote File Transfer
  • International Character Support
  • Zoho® Editor 
This is really cool for everyday users like most of us.You can backup you music, movies, documents and all other file types you may have. However, if  you are a business that uses massive amounts of space, I would rather you pay for Ubuntu One.
I am only recommending the Adrive Basic for everyday home users like myself. If you can afford it, stick with Ubuntu One, if you cannot for some reasons, then Adrive Basic is worth a try. I’d like to know what you think of this service or similar other ones you know of.

BTW, did you know you can watch thousands of satellite channels for free on your computer without a satellite dish or monthly subscription? 

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