Allmyapps- A cool way to use the Ubuntu Software Center on Windows

Allmyapps is a really cool app that is worth taking a look at. It is basically a program that makes installing applications on both Ubuntu and Windows a breeze. It has a small installer file for Windows users to install on their systems. For Ubuntu users, Allmyapps is already found in the software repositories.
What you do is create a free account at the Allmyapps site which will act as your syncing point between platforms. So when you login to your account, you have access to all the applications found in the Ubuntu repos, just select the applications you would like to install and it would be added to your list. After you finish with your selection, just hit the install button and the Allmyapps program you installed earlier opens up and does the magic, just like you have with the Software Center on Ubuntu.
Because the list you created is part of your account, when you decide to partition your HDD, you would only need to reinstall the Allmyapps program again, login to your account and just choose the list to reinstall again. No need to go round installing one app after the other. This is super cool. In effect, the power of the Ubuntu Software Center is now ‘ported’ to Windows.
For Ubuntu users who install the Allmyapps program, it would do the same as it does on Windows for you. So next time  you reinstall your system, just login and tada tada, you have your list to reinstall all your favorite apps. No need to be searching and clicking in the Software Center. There is also a suggestion feature where if any app you want is not available, you can suggest it or vote on others that have been suggested.
I really encourage you to give this service a try and feel the power of the Software Center found on Ubuntu right on your Windows system. All the powerful apps you are used to like the formidable VLC, Open Office among others are readily available to you. Not to mention the security implications of having all your apps in one central location rather than frolicking from site to site downloading sometimes dangerous installers. So ahead and give Allmyapps a try. I’d love to hear what you think of this service and app.

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