Fedora 12 is unleashed – More improvement to the RHEL junior.

Fedora, one of the most popular Linux distributions in the world has released its latest- Fedora 12. Just like Ubuntu, Fedora is also released at a six month interval. According to Paul Frields,  the Fedora Project Leader at Red Hat “Fedora always looks to include the latest cutting-edge features in its distribution and we believe that Fedora 12 stays true to this pattern, packing a lot of punch across its feature set.
“Our community of global contributors continues to expand, with about 25 percent growth in Fedora Accounts since the release of Fedora 11. We’ve also seen more than 2.3 million installations of Fedora 11 thus far, which is a 20 percent increase over the previous release.” 

Fedora 12’s feature list includes:
  • Improved virtualization
  • Better virtual disk performance and storage recovery
  • Reduced memory consumption
  • Modern network booting infrastructure
Fedora 12 also features numerous desktop improvements that all users can see and experience including:
  • An updated Ogg Theora free video codec that works with Firefox 3.5.4 to provide high-quality, downloadable and streaming free media out of the box.
  • Enhanced support for mobile broadband, static, and shared connections
  • Space-saving software package downloads using better compression methods
Some of the many new features in Fedora 12 include:
  • Support for the Moblin Core desktop environment for small display machines
  • PackageKit plugins for automatic software installation from the command line, and support for package installation integrated with a website
  • Automatic bug reporting tool (Abrt) for sending crash information directly to the Bugzilla issue tracker
  • The libguestfs library and tools for working directly with virtual guest disk images without booting the virtual guest machine
  • SystemTap 1.0 with improvements for easier application and kernel debugging and tracing and integration with the popular Eclipse IDE
  • The improved NetBeans 6.7.1 development environment for Java programmers
  • Optimizations for current 32-bit processors including Atom
You can get a full list and details of what’s new in this release here and a video here. As usual, it is available for both KDE and GNOME fans. This distro is surely one of the best out there and gives a preview of what users can expect in the RHEL. You can download a copy of Fedora 12 here and see for yourself.

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