Find out how much eating out at lunch costs you

Have you ever wondered how much it really costs you to eat out at lunch while you are in the office or school? I was going through my RSS feeds this morning and this post from PCMech about the same topic caught my attention. It is very surprising how much the food we eat at lunch really takes a toll on our budgets.
We could save a lot if we would just bring our food along to the workplace or school. To know how much eating out costs you, use this handy calculator called brown  bag savings calculator. You can get a good picture of how much you can save just by bagging your own food from the house to work. Not to mention that foods cooked at home are normally healthier than their outside counterparts. So make the calculation and see if you can save yourself some bucks by bagging it brown your own way.
BTW did you know you could also watch thousands of satellite channels on your computer for free without a satellite dish or monthly subscription? You really stand to save a lot.

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