Frostwire – Limewire made better.

If you download files regularly over Bittorrent or the Gnutella protocols, then Frostwire is a great application to try. It is an open source, cross platform peer to peer file sharing client that originated from the once popular Limewire.
It is written in Java and released under the GNU General Public License. It is extremely lightweight and uses less system resources.
  • FrostWire is released only as a free version, the Windows version of which comes bundled with the toolbar. FrostWire includes much of the functionality of LimeWire’s free version, as well as a few of LimeWire Pro’s payment based upgrades.
  • FrostWire provides an online chatroom, which is absent in LimeWire. 
  • Connections are encrypted with TLS by default unless it is disabled at the preferences.
  • FrostWire provides an online chatroom
You can download Frostwire for your Windows, Linux or Mac system and try it for yourself. You would need to install Java Runtime Environment to run it.

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