Is Ubuntu for you? Take this test to find out.

Ubuntu Linux is a great OS no doubt. But, in no way can it be everything to everybody. Neither is Windows for that matter. If you are like the majority of people who have heard all there is to hear about Ubuntu but are wondering if it really is for them, this simple flowchart here should help you decide.
There are people-myself included- who only use the OS as a springboard to reach something. For example, all my work is done using Google Docs through Firefox. For people like me who are also in the majority, switching between OSs is just a matter of choice and nothing else. Then there are those that need certain specialized apps-most of which have no easy alternatives- to get things done. For such people, the OS is a vital part of their computing experience and as such requires careful consideration before making the move.
The flowchart makes it easy to see where you stand, whether you can switch to Linux or another OS for that matter from the almighty Windows. I have come to believe that there is nothing like the one universal OS that can do all things. Different people will find different things to like about a given OS. Linux is great and has lots of things Windows could do with, but it is not for everyone. See where you stand and if you conclude that Ubuntu Linux is good for you, then go on and grab an ISO for yourself. If not then please stick with Windows.

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