Linux Mint with SimplicITy – Helping make computers usable for the aged.

In a comment on yesterday’s post, a reader pointed out that there is this new startup that makes computers for the technophobic elderly running Linux Mint. This set me on a search for more information and here we go. This startup is called SimplicITy. What it basically does is to give the over 50s a chance at IT with a computer that at the outside looks like what you and I are used to, but the inside is radically different.
When the Simple computer is put on, the user is greeted with what is called Square One. This is the launchpad with nice looking icons that gives you the ability to browse the web, send emails, chat with friends and family, store photos and create short documents.
If you have a problem you can just go ‘back to Square One’ and start all over again. The simplicity comes with video tutorials that take you, step-by-step, through each of the features in Square One. Valerie Singleton (founder of the project) talks you through each stage to help you learn how to get started and then move on to all the new features you’ll want to use. You can watch the training videos as many times as you like before putting your toe in the water and training yourself.
Aside from the standard computer, screen, keyboard, mouse and speakers that come with every purchase, buyers also benefit from one year’s free membership of Discount Age, the website dedicated to getting the best deals for 50-pluses.
In terms of security, the SimplicITy computer is powered by Eldy and runs the Linux Mint operating system. Linux Mint and Eldy are far more immune to viruses, spyware, Trojans and other security threats. Best of all, Linux Mint is completely free, as are all the applications, as well as all updates and upgrades to future versions.
All in all, I think this is a great project that is sure to give our elderly what we are taking for granted. If you are interested in getting one of these gizmos for your older folks or even yourself, you can get more purchase information from here.So go ahead and make an elderly happy with this worthwhile box.

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